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5537467579_50672fb6c4_bEU Watcher can deliver different services.

1. The core of EU Watcher’s work is strategic analysis. Commissioned by various organizations, ranging from consultancies to companies, and from magazines to ministries, we look into recent and future developments of the European Union.

Recent work includes a report on the impact of the EP elections in May 2014, a lecture to an academic seminar on trust and citizen’s involvement, presentations for Dutch civil servants, and blogs for E!Sharp and Euractiv. Further on I was interviewed by Channel 4 on the European elections.

2. Next to research, we specialize in moderating and chairing events in Brussels and elsewhere. According to us, many conferences and seminars in the eurobubble lack dynamism, are not moderated well and fail to get to the point. They should be entertaining and informative instead, including lots of interaction with the public!

8741195461_129eb4922e_zWith years of experience in organizing and moderating debates, EU Watcher can help you turn your event turn into a success. In 2013 we moderated various conferences in Brussels, for instance for Friends of Europe and for EU40. In April 2014 I moderated an EP election debate in The Hague for the University of Leiden and Clingendael.

Our service is not just the moderation itself. We advised the organizations ahead of the debate on the structure, the type of questions and issues to be raised, and secured interaction with the audience. If necessary we can help you find excellent speakers and get coverage for the event.

Via this link you can see the moderation of the Friends of Europe debate on Europe’s lost generation (video 2), 15 May 2013.


Photo Montesquieu Institute

Also check out this video – very not-eurobubble style! – of the EU Unplugged event of 2 October 2013.

3. Next to research, advice and moderating, we support external communication projects for organizations in Brussels (press releases, websites, etc.). Again we have years of experience in organizing events and disseminating results of projects, especially in the Netherlands where we got media attention and political follow-up in the form of numerous articles, publications and meetings on ministerial level.

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